Choosing to be Childfree

My book has been published! If you are childfree after infertility, or dealing with infertility now, please visit this page to read about it!
It can sometimes feel like everyone else on the planet is having children and thrilled to bits about it. If you aren't, either because you can't or because you don't want to, you might feel like you're the only one.

You're not.

Approximately one in five couples in North America do not have children. Some of these are most certainly infertile, and trying very hard to have a child. (The lengths to which some couples will go have been demonstrated in the rash of mega-multiple births. I don't believe humans were MEANT to have eight babies at a time - DOGS, yes, humans, no. :)

However, a good many of these couples have chosen, in a conscious process, not to have children. How, in a society that encourages having children (or seems to), do people manage to not only make this decision, but to end up being happy and fulfilled in their lives? That's what this website is all about.

My husband and I have made the decision to live childfree after infertility. (And it IS a choice - having been infertile does not mean that you cannot choose to be childfree.) It's not always an easy choice. But it might just be the right one for you.

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